News // Speech Karaoke travels to Ghent and Turku

From the event in Kansallisteatteri

The Speech Karaoke Action Group will organize Speech Karaoke events in Ghent and in Turku! The event in Ghent will coincide with the Belgian municipal elections, and will include speeches by local politicians in flemish and french.

The event in Turku is part of Puhe-festivaali, a festival focusing on speeches and the event in Ghent is part of the Almost Cinema-festival.


6.10 Speech Karaoke event in Turku

10.10 Speech Karaoke event in Ghent

For more info see:

News // Muu for ears 10 – Soundtracks

MUU FOR EARS 10 is the tenth CD in MUU’s series of sound art publications. It consists of soundtracks which were originally produced for Finnish video artworks. As in the cinema, the soundtracks of videos are a crucial element for the telling of the story. Compiled exclusively of soundtracks, MUU FOR EARS 10 emphasizes the fact that sounds can tell even more than images. The CD contains a wide range of material, such as an echoing dark and distant melody, humming sounds and random noises, found footage-based sounds and poems, samples and field recordings, industrial and digitally generated music.

The artists are:
Yannick Franck (video: Harri de Ville)
Jarno Juhani Harakkamäki
Paevey Hirsiaho
Panu Johansson
Hannu Karjalainen
Antti Katajisto (video: Anu Miettinen)
Heli Konttinen & Emilia Salpaharju (video: Heli Konttinen)
Nina Lassila
Carl Sebastian Lindberg
Tommi Matikka (video: Tommi & Maria Matikka)

Please watch these videos with your ears.
The CD is released at the Art Fair Suomi event in the Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland, 13–16 September 2012.

MUU FOR EARS 10 – a limited edition of 600. Price: €15 (postage included). Order your copy from: On sale at: MUU gallery, Lönnrotinkatu 33, 00180 Helsinki, Finland, +358-9-625 972

News // Art Fair Suomi 13.9.-16-9.2012


Cable Factory, Helsinki

Welcome to the opening 12.9 at 7-9 pm!

The exhibithion is open:

Thu–fri 11 am–7 pm, sat-sun 11 am–5 pm

News // Speech Karaoke in Kansallisteatteri and Kiasma 25.8 and 31.8

Speech Karaoke is just like traditional karaoke, except that participants choose a speech from the karaoke folder instead of a song. The selection of speeches ranges from world famous historical speeches to local and private speeches. Speech Karaoke will for the first time take place in Helsinki, at the Helsinki Festival Week club at Kansallisteatteri and at Kiasma.

The Karaokevideo for Yrjö Hakanen's speech "Miksi olen kommunisti"

Speech Karaoke is developed by the artist group THE SPEECH KARAOKE ACTION GROUP. The members are: Frank Maria Brümmel, Krister Gråhn, Tellervo Kalleinen, Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, Tuomas Aleksander Laitinen, Carl Sebastian Lindberg, Pilvari Pirtola, Johanna Raekallio, Satu Rautiainen, Pasi Rauhala, Jyrki Riekki, Hanna Saarikoski and Julius Valve.

 From the open Speech Karaoke Workshop in Kiasma 18-19.8


Speech karaoke evening Sat. 25.8, 9pm-01.30 am at the Helsinki Festival Week Club, Kansallisteatteri, Läntinen teatterikuja 1

Speech karaoke evening Fri. 31.8, 5pm-7pm at Kiasma in the Seminar Room

News // Ars Auttoinen 22.6.-5.8.2012

Carl Sebastian Lindberg is taking part in the yearly summer exhibition at the Arts and Design center Ars Auttoinen. The title of the exhibition is “Olemisen Kevyt Sietämättömyys” – which would be translatable as “The Light Umbearabilty of Being”. Check out their homepage for more info, and their Facebook for recent updates.

News // Hem och fosterland / Koti ja isänmaa / Home and Country

Hem och Fosterland / Koti ja isänmaa / Home and Country

9.3.-1.4.2012 MUU galleria

Opening 8.3.2012 at 5 – 7 pm Welcome!

English translation of the video teaser of the exhibition:

Ann-Mari Lindberg: I remember that, during the war there was a big shortage of food. So in the basement we had both chickens and ducks, and even rabbits. So you just had to go downstairs then.

Carl Sebastian Lindberg: I wonder, you participated in the slaughter too?

Ann-Mari Lindberg: Yes, it was in different situations. I remember when dad took out the big sow, and told me to sit astride it and keep hold of its ears. And then he just shot it with the Browning in the forehead.

It was like that, we children, at least I who was the oldest, we learned that you had to be busy. Early on you had to help. He also thought me how to slaughter bunnies. Just hit them in the head with the ax and put them up to hang. It was unpleasant when the eyes turned red and, and bulged out from the head. But, he was very handy and inventive. He was never perplexed, I would say. No, that he never was.


News // Home and Country in Muu Gallery, Helsinki 9.3-1.4.2012

 Still-image from "Home and Country"

The exhibithion features the videowork ”Home and country” that recounts
the childhood experiences of the artist’s aunt Ann-Mari Lindberg
during the second world war in Finland. Also the major turns of the
war in Finland are dealt with through the experiences of the child.

“Hem och fosterland” på Muu-galleriet i Helsingfors 9.3.-1.4.2012

I utställningen visas videoverket ”Hem och fosterland” som berättar om
konstnärens fasters Ann-Mari Lindbergs upplevelser som barn under
vinter- och fortsättningskrigen. Genom barnets upplevelser berättas
även om krigets stora händelser.

“Koti ja isänmaa” Muu-galleriassa, Helsingissä 9.3.-1.4.2012.

Näyttelyssä on esillä videoteos ”Koti ja isänmaa” joka kertoo
taiteilijan tädin  Ann-Mari Lindbergin kokemuksista lapsena talvi-ja
jatkosodan aikana. Lapsen kokemusten kautta kerrotaan myös sodan
isoista tapahtumista.

NEWS // Homepages now open!

 Stillimage from the video "Home and Country"

Hello peoples of the interwebs! New homepages now online! Welcome!