News // Speech Karaoke @ École nationale supérieure des Beux-Arts, Paris 16.5.2018

Speech Karaoke will for the first time be performed in France on the 16th of May. Free entry ! The event is organized by Fondation d’Enterprise Ricard and curated by Christian Alandete.

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News // Screening of the film Red Heritage in Helsinki 15.5.2018


On the 15th of May 2018 it has passed 100 year since the end of the Finnish Civil War. On that date Carl Sebastian Lindberg’s new videowork will be screened in Helsinki at the WHS teatteri Unioni.

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News // Solo-exhibithion: Thicker than water 23.9-12.11.2017

From the series “Selfportrait as Mannerheim” (2017)

22 September 2017
5-7 pm


Free bus transfer from Helsinki departures at 3:30 pm from the Kiasma bus stop. Returns to Helsinki at 7 pm. Please, note that there is a limited number of seats and make your reservation not later than 18 September to: 019-2239 010 or

Gallery Elverket’s autumn season is being opened by Carl Sebastian Lindberg, a visual artist who delves deep into the social issues affecting Finland’s recent history. His works combine personal and universal experience, transforming them into totally new narratives. Lindberg deals with the mystique linked to national feeling, and to nationalism in general, and brings up alternatives to historical interpretations that are seen as being universal.

The body of works being shown at Elverket is Lindberg’s (1978) hitherto most extensive solo exhibition. There for our inspection are new and recently created works by this multifaceted artist. Carl Sebastian Lindberg gained his Masters of Fine Arts degree from the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki in 2008, and has since been an active contemporary artist. His works have been shown in various parts of the world. The moving image and photography are his principal media, but he is also a founder member of the Speech Karaoke project. At Speech Karaoke people give speeches, instead of singing.

The exhibition comprises four works or composites. Home and Country (2013) is a videowork that “deals with my aunt, the author Ann-Mari Lindberg’s, experiences as a child during the Winter and Continuation Wars. The work’s starting point is a microhistorical one, I have chosen to relate some minor incidents in a child’s life, but through them also some major events in history. For example, the outbreak of war is dealt with through the way Ann-Mari’s father bought gasmasks for the whole family, and the way her mother sewed snowsuits for the children – similar snowsuits to those that soldiers at the front wore. The military alliance with Nazi Germany during the Continuation War is touched on when Ann-Mari talks about how it felt to do the Hitler salute and to march in step at Helsinki’s German school, which she attended until 1944.”

World Champions (2013) is a video about Finland winning the ice-hockey world championship in 2011. Lindberg has been interested in the mass reaction that followed this victory, and the variety of expressions that people’s feelings took on. The viewer gets to participate in the spontaneous joy, but also in some totally different aspects of the effervescent party atmosphere, which was spiced with a substantial measure of national feeling. The exhibition coincides with the premiere of Red heritage (2017), which was produced by Pro Artibus. This is a documentary dealing with the events of 1918, and with the vestiges of them that still live on. Lindberg’s paternal grandmother’s father, Antti Meritähti, was in the Red Guard, and was imprisoned in Tammisaari until 1919. The documentary deals with the way people in various positions related, and still relate, to the family’s red heritage. This is a story about how a family maintained silence and felt shame, and about the traumas that remain for those who were on the losing side during the civil war. Red heritage is the first of Lindberg’s works that the Pro Artibus Foundation is acquiring for its collection.

The fourth item in the exhibition, Selfportrait as Mannerheim, reveals a more playful side to Lindberg’s art. This involves a series of photographs in which Lindberg replaces the face of Finland’s Marshal Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim (1867-1951) with his own. The iconic photographs of Mannerheim in various situations instantly become something totally different. The pictures tell us something new about the artist, but also about the viewer’s own reactions.

During the autumn, Carl Sebastian Lindberg will also be participating in two other exhibitions: Raumo Art Museum’s Korkeemman kaiun saa and the Backlight Photo Festival at Museum Center Vapriikki in Tampere. The artist would like to thank everyone who has supported the project: Avek, Konstsamfundet, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Nylands konstkommission, Oskar Öflunds Stiftelse, Eugène, Elisabeth och Birgit Nygréns stiftelse, Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland (Lise och Thelma Standertskjölds fond), Greta och Alfred Runebergs Stiftelse and Pro Artibus Foundation.

Juha-Heikki Tihinen, PhD

News // Backlight Photo Festival 9.9.-29.10.2017

Home and Country (2013) is shown as an installation in Vapriikki as part of the Backlight Photo Festival. The installation includes archival photos as well as childhood drawings by Ann-Mari Lindberg that are connected to the video.

News // Korkeemman Kaiun saa 30.9. – 12.11.2017

Carl Sebastian Lindberg is to be included in the exhibition “Korkeemman kaiun saa” at Rauma Art Museum 30.9-12.11.2017. The exhibithion deals with questions of national identity, indepence and national symbols.

“Näyttely avaa näkökulmia siitä, miten itsenäisyys, isänmaallisuus, kansallistunne, Suomen lippu ja sinivalkoisuus puhuttelevat ihmisiä nyt, kun Suomi on ollut itsenäinen 100 vuotta. Onko identiteettien painoarvo muuttunut, miten keskeistä on suomalaisuus, eurooppalaisuus, maailmankansalaisuus? Mikä on isänmaan ja äidinkielen merkitys? Arvostammeko kotia ja paikallisuutta ja voimmeko olla niistä ylpeitä.”

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News // Speech Karaoke “Last words” @ Lavaklubi, Helsinki 4.5.2017

Speech Karaoke is back in Helsinki for our regular club at The National Theatre’s Lavaklubi. This time the theme is “Last words”. We have the last words from Socrates, Jesus, Martta Koskinen and many more !

News // Backlight Photo Festival artists announced

Carl Sebastian Lindberg will participate in the Backlight Photo festival in Tampere in 2017. The exhibithion will open the 8th September 2017. From over 400 applications from nearly 50 countries, the open call jury Tuula Alajoki (Backlight Photo Festival, Finland), Miha Colner (Photon, Slovenia), Ângela Ferreira (Encontros da Imagem, Portugal) and Tina Schelhorn (Galerie Lichtblick, Germany), selected 22 series to be shown at the Backlight ´17 exhibitions under the wide theme of  Independence.

The selected artists for Backlight ´17 are:
Zaza Bertrand (Belgium)
Stefano Giogli (Italy)
Zuzana Halanova & Daniel Laurinc (Slovakia)
Sonja Hamad (Germany)
Juha Arvid Helminen (Finland)
Jaakko Kahilaniemi (Finland)
Nina Korhonen (Finland)
Mariya Kozhanova (Russia)
Daesung Lee (South Korea)
Hanna Lenz (Germany)
Carl Sebastian Lindberg (Finland)
Julien Lombardi (France)
Tito Mouraz (Portugal)
Sami Parkkinen (Finland)
Riina Rinne (Finland)
Delphine Schacher (Switzerland)
Michal Siarek (Poland)
Miriam Stanke (Germany)
Juha Suonpää (Finland)
Bénédicte Vanderreydt (Belgium)
Borko Vukosav (Croatia)
Marta Zgierska (Poland)

News // Feminist Speech Karaoke 17.3.2017

Speech Karaoke is continuing it’s popular series of clubs at the National Theatre’s club Lavaklubi in Helsinki. Our club on the 9th December 2016 had the theme “Love, hope and stupidity”. For the upcoming club the 17th March 2017 our theme is Feminism. We have added over twenty new feminist speeches to our selection, both historical and current. On the 4th May 2017 we will have another club with a theme that will be announced later.

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News // Speech Karaoke on summer tour

Speech Karaoke at Lavaklubi in Helsinki

Speech Karaoke has upcoming events as follows:

22.7 H2Ö-festival, Turku

23.7 Jättömaa-festival, Kouvola

More events coming up !

News // Speech Karaoke now in 13 languages

Speech Karaoke event in Bangkok

Speech Karaoke is now available in 13 languages. In January we spent time in Thailand adding local speeches. We hosted events in Bangkok as well as in Hua Hin. New languages also include ancient latin. All languages are available at our upcoming events !

Collecting speeches from locals in the Surin province

News // “Home and Country” shown at Showroom Berliini, in Berlin

Carl Sebastian Lindberg: Home and Country (Heim und Heimat) 1.5. – 23.5.2015

Installation and video

*** INVITATION – Opening Friday 30th April 2015 6-8PM in the presence of the Artist. Snacks & drinks. Warmly welcome! ***

The subject of the documentary exhibition Home and Country is a childhood marked by World War II in Finland. The artwork is now shown for the first time as an installation in Germany. The exhibition consists of an installation and a short documentary film and is based on interviews with the author Ann-Mari Lindberg.

Carl Sebastian Lindberg`s short film and installation Home and Country (2013) has been controversial and debated in Finland because it brings up the union between Finland and Nazi-Germany during World War II. When it was shown in Helsinki it sparked a debate about the relationship between Finland and Nazi-Germany during the Second World War.

Carl Sebastian Lindberg writes about his work:

“Home and Country relates the experiences of my aunt, the author Ann-Mari Lindberg, as a child during the Second World War in Finland. I wanted to portray the experiences of my aunt’s generation and the impact these experiences have had on her and her values, because I believe that the experiences of earlier generations are in some way embedded in us, even though we might not know how.

The starting point of the work is microhistorical, I have wanted to recount small events from the life of a child, but through these also deal with the bigger historical events of the war. For example, the breakout of the war is told through Ann-Mari’s father’s purchase of gas masks for the entire family, and how the her mother sewed snow camouflage suits for the children – the same kind of camouflage suits worn by the soldiers at the front.

The alliance of Finland with Nazi Germany is touched upon when Ann-Mari talks about how it felt to do the Nazi salute and march to the beat in the German School in Helsinki.

I have wanted to use the microhistorical and fragmented perspective and narrative mode of the film as a device to avoid the glorification of war experiences – and thereby the glorification of war. Apart from interviews and material from different archives the film also uses war-time newsreels by the Finnish Defence Forces. The newsreels are blatantly propagandist and racist, likening the Russians to rats and lice.”

When the work was shown in Helsinki for the first time, former member of parlament Jutta Zilliacus wrote in the newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet denying claims made by Ann-Mari Lindberg in the film that the students of The German School in Helsinki did Nazi salutes and that the students waved Swastika-flags. After another former student, Endel Kingo, wrote about how he remembered that doing Nazi salutes was a regular part of the school and Carl Sebastian Lindberg wrote about research done about the school which proved that the school was neither free from Nazi symbols or Nazi ideology, Zilliacus retracted her claims and wrote that “There was nothing illegal with the swastika”.

Carl Sebastian Lindberg writes: “Finland hasn’t yet faced up to it’s Nazi past.”

*** EINLADUNG – Vernissage am Freitag, den 30. April 2015, 18-20 Uhr. Der Künstler ist anwesend. Snacks und Getränke. Herzlich willkommen! ***

Thematischer Rahmen der dokumentarischen Ausstellung “Home and Country” sind vom 2. Weltkrieg geprägte Kindheitserfahrungen in Finnland. Die Ausstellung basiert auf ausführlichen Interviews mit der Autorin Ann-Mari Lindberg und besteht aus einer Installation und einem Dokumentarfilm. Die Arbeit wird nun zum ersten Mal in Deutschland gezeigt.

Carl Sebastian Lindberg`s Arbeit “Home and Country” hat in Finnland zu einer Kontroverse geführt, da der Film und die zugehörige Installation die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Finnland und Nazi-Deutschland während des 2. Weltkrieges thematisiert. In Finnland wird dieses Thema nur ungern in der öffentlichen Debatte erörtert.

News // Speech Karaoke back in Helsinki 30.1.2015

The new trailer for the Speech Karaoke Club

The first Speech Karaoke event of the year in Helsinki will take place at Lavaklubi the 30th of January. The theme of the evening is “Heavy Speech Karaoke”. Free entry ! Welcome !