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Hem och Fosterland / Koti ja isänmaa / Home and Country

9.3.-1.4.2012 MUU galleria

Opening 8.3.2012 at 5 – 7 pm Welcome!

English translation of the video teaser of the exhibition:

Ann-Mari Lindberg: I remember that, during the war there was a big shortage of food. So in the basement we had both chickens and ducks, and even rabbits. So you just had to go downstairs then.

Carl Sebastian Lindberg: I wonder, you participated in the slaughter too?

Ann-Mari Lindberg: Yes, it was in different situations. I remember when dad took out the big sow, and told me to sit astride it and keep hold of its ears. And then he just shot it with the Browning in the forehead.

It was like that, we children, at least I who was the oldest, we learned that you had to be busy. Early on you had to help. He also thought me how to slaughter bunnies. Just hit them in the head with the ax and put them up to hang. It was unpleasant when the eyes turned red and, and bulged out from the head. But, he was very handy and inventive. He was never perplexed, I would say. No, that he never was.