News // Speech Karaoke at Helsinki City Hall 21.8.

Speech Karaoke at Virka Gallery in Helsinki City Hall on the Night of the Arts 21.8.2014, 6 – 8 pm, Sofiankatu 1. Welcome !


News // Speech Karaoke is back in Helsinki on the 2nd of May

Speech Karaoke will be back in Helsinki on the 2nd of May. The event will take place at Kansallisteatteri’s Lavaklubi. We have plenty of new speeches, added in workshops in Rotterdam and Tornio. Free entry, Welcome!

Facebook event 

News // Arctic Heat – Nordic Film Festival, Jyväskylä 15.2.2014

  From Home and Country (Ann-Mari Lindberg)

Arctic Heat Film Festival ( Arktisen Upeeta ) is a film festival concentrating on Nordic film culture and is taking place in Jyväskylä, Finland. Home and Country is screened on the 15th of february. The screening is part of Av-Arkki‘s 25th anniversary.

News // 10th Berlin International Directors Lounge 13.2.2014

From Home and Country (detail of drawing by Ann-Mari Lindberg)

Happy to announce that Home and Country will have its German premiere at the 10th Berlin International Directors Lounge on the 13th of February. Home and Country is distributed by Av-Arkki.


News // Speech Karaoke at the Rotterdam Film festival

From the Speech Karaoke workshop

Speech Karaoke by The Speech Karaoke Action Group is part of the official program of the International  Film festival Rotterdam. A Speech Karaoke event will take place on wednesday 27th of January. 

News // Helsinki short film festival and Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Fenaco

Home and country is competing at  Helsinki short film festival (12-17.11.2013) and Festival Internacional de cortometrajes – FENACO Perú (13-16.11.2013)


News // Speech Karaoke events in Helsinki and Riihimäki

 From the Love and Anarchy festival - event, September 2013

Speech Karaoke events are coming up in Helsinki and Riihimäki.

19.10.2013  Bar Sandro Helsinki, part of the Masque – theatre festival. 9pm – 2am

21.10.2013 Vihreä Talo, Riihimäki, part of the Art Häme – festival. 7pm -

Free entry, Welcome !



News // The Artist is present – exhibition is updated

From The Artist is present (2013)

The Artist is present exhibition that is part of the Art goes kapakka festival is updated with new photos. As a part of the project Lindberg was a guest in the radio show Morgonöppet on Radio Vega. Listen to the interview here (in swedish) :

News // The Artist is present / Art Goes Kapakka / 15-24.8.2013

Sketch for the work in the form of a mind map

During the Art goes Kapakka- bar festival Carl Sebastian Lindberg will realize a performance and conceptual artwork called ”The artist is present” that refers to Marina Abramović’s eponymous work, where Abramović was seated and simply present in the exhibithion space.

Lindberg will come as a ”customer” to the restaurant, and eat or drink something.

Staged situation (Preparing for performance)

There will not be any notification of the appearances in advance. Images will afterwards be added to Lindberg’s exhibithion in restaurant O’Malley’s, and to social media. The exhibithion in O’Malley’s is updated during the festival as the work progresses.

Lindberg writes: ”With the arrival of social media one’s own everyday life and identity is to an larger extent performing, something one creates.  Doing selfportraits is no longer reserved only for artists, and performing no longer only for actors.This work will be situated in this twilight zone between art and life.”

News // Flux : Beat / ICMK / MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK

 Stillimage from World Champions

BEAT: An evening celebration of Artist Moving Image, 26th July 2013.

“World Champions” is screened at the Independent Cinema MK. BEAT will showcase the work of artists working with film and video, providing a new platform to exhibit experimental art film. The event is organised by MK Gallery and ICMK.

News // MK Gallery / MK Calling / Milton Keynes, UK

 Russian Prisoners of War in Siuntio 1942, From Home and Country

Home and Country is shown in the exhibition “MK Calling” 27 June – 31 July.

The exhibithion is curated by David Rayson, artist and Head of Painting at the Royal College of Art, London; Professor Gill Perry, Head of External Collaborations at The Open University;and Emma-Jayne Taylor, Director of Artworks MK, Milton Keynes. 

News // Eyebeam / video_dumbo, New York

 From Home and Country, kids in front of the German School (detail)

Home and Country is screened at Eyebeam in New York, 18th May, as part of the 8th annual video_dumbo festival.