News // Russian-Finnish Speech Karaoke in Helsinki 15.6.2018

As part of the Tok Curators‘ new art research-based project ‘The Russian Bar: Why Relocate? New approaches to neighborliness and interchange’, you are welcome to attend and participate in our Speech Karaoke at Bar Loose in Helsinki!

The main idea of the ‘Russian Bar’ project is to analyze the new waves of migration to Finland fueled by the political turbulence with the focus on the changing of internal and external politics in Russia and Finland.

Speech Karaoke will be based on texts in Russian, Finnish and English that touch upon political and human relations between Russia and Finland.

Click here: to see the project description and the events program in June.

The project is supported by Kone Foundation

For more information please contact:
TOK Curators
T +358 44 94629 89 /

Credits for image:
Person in the image: Harri Manskinen – Uutisvuoksen päätoimittaja