News // The Artist is present / Art Goes Kapakka / 15-24.8.2013

Sketch for the work in the form of a mind map

During the Art goes Kapakka- bar festival Carl Sebastian Lindberg will realize a performance and conceptual artwork called ”The artist is present” that refers to Marina Abramović’s eponymous work, where Abramović was seated and simply present in the exhibithion space.

Lindberg will come as a ”customer” to the restaurant, and eat or drink something.

Staged situation (Preparing for performance)

There will not be any notification of the appearances in advance. Images will afterwards be added to Lindberg’s exhibithion in restaurant O’Malley’s, and to social media. The exhibithion in O’Malley’s is updated during the festival as the work progresses.

Lindberg writes: ”With the arrival of social media one’s own everyday life and identity is to an larger extent performing, something one creates.  Doing selfportraits is no longer reserved only for artists, and performing no longer only for actors.This work will be situated in this twilight zone between art and life.”